Tom Jacobs is president of Jacobs Agency Inc, a nationally recognized B2B marketing agency.

He has spent more than 20 years professionally advertising, marketing, generating demand and creating credibility for leading technology companies such as 3COM, AT&T, Avanade, Comcast, Forsythe, Microsoft, and many others. Through his experience, he has also delivered problem solving marketing initiatives for Commonwealth Edison, DIRECTV, Exelon Corporation, Fairpoint Communications, The Federal Reserve Banks, HBO, Imax Theaters, Showtime, SPSS, NTT Verio and many other leading business to business corporations.

“I am a self confessed technology wonk, I love the stuff and am a passionate believer in the power of strategically led marketing efforts in an industry that evolves daily, has a fragmented industry business model with numerous channels and of course the ever changing decision dynamic. I have in-depth expertise in all marketing vehicles and have a bias towards none. I believe that strategy drives all marketing and media choice and should always be implemented in an integrated manner.

Whether you are a CMO in a fortune 500 technology company or in the midst of a start up, the selling and marketing of technology has numerous challenges. I started this blog to open a dialog within the industry and perhaps share information about how marketing can not only drive sales and grow revenues but can impact company reputation, credibility, share holder value, channel perception and many other corporate concerns.

I hope to initiate thought and discussion around the complex selling process to the basic social media protocols.

There is no magic marketing bullets just smart application of  BtoB marketing.”

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